1 - Getting started

Where can I download the Minute Surveyor app?

If you are using an iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPad, you can download the app at the following link:

If you are using an Android device, you can download the app at the following link:

2 - Features

Can I create a RICS Condition Report?

At this stage of development, you can’t create a RICS Condition report using the Minute Surveyor system.

The next phase of development includes integrating the RICS Condition report.

Can I use dictation in the app?

Yes. You can use your phones built-in dictation feature to input text into you report. This feature will not work while you are offline. However, we are currently working on the ability to add voice-notes while offline which will then be transcribed once you come back online.

3 - Admin

Can I add my own phrases / standard paragraphs?


Login to the Minute Surveyor admin system at https://minutesurveyor.com/admin/

And select the “Phrases” option on the navigation bar:

Minute Surveyor Admin Navigation

How do I add a new user to my account?

Log into the admin system at https://minutesurveyor.com/admin/

Select “Account” and then select “User Management”.

From here, you can click the “Add New User” button and add any number of users to your account.